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Museum Expansion Project


  • The Nanton Lancaster Society was formed 34 years ago with the goals of honouring the Canadian contribution to Bomber Command and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
  • The museum was significantly expanded in 1997 and again in 2007.
  • The current 37,000 square foot facility displays thirteen aircraft and associated interpretive displays, artwork, and military vehicles. The museum also includes a library, archives, and restoration shops.
  • The museum has gained both national and international recognition as a leader in commemorating the efforts and sacrifice of those who served with Bomber Command during WW II.

Current Limitations

  • The museum has evolved into a facility that restores aircraft to runable-taxiable status. This ability is being constrained by extremely limited tarmac space and the lack of a suitable, designated area from which visitors may observe the aircraft.
  • Additional aircraft are being acquired and restored. As these efforts progress, particularly when aircraft are assembled with wings attached, we require additional display space for them.
  • Expanded areas are required to accommodate our future development and special events.

Expansion Proposal

  • The Society is proposing to build a 25,000 square foot hangar facility immediately west of the existing facility with an adjacent tarmac/parking area.
  • As well as a large open area for aircraft display and special events, the building will include a mezzanine to view the aircraft from above, a kitchen and food preparation facilities, washrooms, restoration shop, and storage area.
  • The new hangar will be joined to the existing hangar by an enclosed walkway between the two buildings.
  • A 120 ft. wide door facing north will allow the Lancaster and/or the Halifax bomber to taxi out onto the grassed area to the north, where visitors may purchase a “ride”.

Community Involvement

  • This portion of the museum will be utilized to host major community events.
  • The Lancaster will be permanently hangared in the new building and, as one of the Town’s icons, will serve as a backdrop for the events.

Museum Expansion Project Donation Options

Pilot Officer: $100 or more

Flying Officer: $250 or more

Flight Lieutenant: $500 or more

Squadron Leader: $1000 or more

Wing Commander: $5,000 or more

Group Captain: $25,000 or more

Air Vice Marshal: $50,000 or more

Air Chief Marshal: $100,000 or more


Expansion Project Donators’ Board

Donators may place their name on our “Donor Board” which is composed of two wing panels from a Canadian-built Lancaster.

It will be on permanent display in the museum.

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