BOOK – The Many Deaths of the Red Baron


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“One of the most memorable dates in aviation history is 21 April 1918, the last day of Captain Manfred von Richthofen’s last flight. Within hours of his death claims to the kill were entered by or on behalf of an Australian air observer, two anti-aircraft machine gunners of the same nationality and Captain Roy Brown, a Canadian fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force. Three days later, with the support of his unit; a third Australian machine-gunner submitted a claim. In the same period the German war correspondents insinuated that he had survived an emergency landing only to be put to death by his captors. Frank McGuire in 1967 briefly reviewed all five versions in the light of evidence then available, including the reports of medical officers who had examined the body. He demonstrated the influence of an anonymous newspaper account on a magazine article purporting to be the work of Captain Brown, questioned the authenticity of a German letter hinting at foul play, and examined a postwar claim to have brought Richthofen down in previously unreported circumstances. What actually took place that April day has since become the subject of three books. All three, however, tend to dilute the evidence of the relevent documents with much later, personal recollections. McGuire now introduces additional documents, reassessing belated testimony.”

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