BOOK – The Engines of Bomber Command


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The engines were the very heart of the aeroplanes of Bomber Command. The crew who started them, and flew them, the men and women who maintained them, and the aeroplanes that carried them to the enemy relied upon these powerful wartime piston engines that had been engineered to their peak of performance.

The fuselage was the body to carry the crew and armaments, but it was the engines that turned the body of the bomber aeroplane into a living, breathing instrument of war.

‘The Engines of Bomber Command’ introduces the reader to the development of these engines and then focuses on the Rolls-Royce Merlin and the Bristol Hercules -the engines that powered the Wellingtons, Stirlings, Halifaxes, Lancasters, and Mosquitoes.

The final chapter describes the restoration and running of the Merlins and Hercules that may be seen and heard at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada.

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