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The Canadian contribution to the massive effort that was Bomber Command during the Second World War was huge. 10,500 Canadians were killed -almost one quarter of Canada’s wartime dead.

Through archival photos and excerpts from wartime documents, this book tells the story of the young Canadians who served with the Canadian Bomber Squadrons -their efforts during the early years and how they evolved as the war progressed, the technological changes, and the tactical and strategic evolution that contributed to the ultimate victory.

Also included are stories of individual heroics and sacrifices as recorded by the airmen themselves at their debriefings.


Book review                                                                                                                                       February 1, 2021


by Dave Birrell

“This newly released book, hot off the presses of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada (BCMC), is a must have for all families and history buffs who appreciate the great contribution of RCAF 6 Bomber Group Squadrons in RAF Bomber Command that gave us Allied Victory in WW2.

An impressive book with full page displays and striking photographs, some never seen before – from the massive photo and digital archives of BCMC, this reader and reviewer gives it top marks as a great book documenting the efforts and sacrifice of our bomber boys, AND it is in “Their own words”!

Author Dave Birrell, a founder of the BCMC and chief archivist, has taken a fresh look and has wisely let the bomber crews recount their own eye-witness unique stories of the combats and war crusades of the Canadian bomber squadrons in Bomber Command.

Covering the period of 1941-1945 this book is a fresh new look at the RCAF in Bomber Command, which became the long-range sword and powerhouse of the WW2 Allied war effort.

With original and clearly displayed documents, with gripping life and death narratives from the bomber crews combat logs and nightly battle reports against expert Nazi Germany night fighters and defences, this book is one of the best I have seen in my over 25 years of reading about our RCAF and their bomber crews in WW2.

Highly recommended for all Canadians and people who want to read and know, historically and visually, about the excellence, sacrifice, and ultimate Victory of our bomber crews in the cause of Freedom.”

Karl Kjarsgaard – Curator BCMC and

Director – Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)

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