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During the Second World War, some 40,000 young Canadians were trained in Canada and sent overseas to serve in the massive effort that was Bomber Command. 10,400 were killed.

Through four hundred archival photos, this book presents their experience -from their recruitment and joining the Royal Canadian Air Force, through their training in Canada and in the United Kingdom, and finally their service with Bomber Command Squadrons in the UK and in combat in the skies over Europe.

As well as telling the story of these men and women, the book and its photos also describe the development and operation of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, the huge effort to operate and support the strategic bombing offensive, and the development of the Royal Canadian Air Force. (8.5″x11″; 92 pages)

Book Review – “The Canadian Bomber Command Experience” by David Birrell

Calling all the families of the RCAF airmen in WW2 that served and fought in bombers of Bomber Command!

If you seek out the information all about WW2 RCAF airmen and ground crew that were from your families, your hometowns, and your nation, then THIS is the book you want to keep as the best book, to describe in photos and text, what they did in WW2.

Month by month, from elementary training to bomber combat readiness and sacrifice, this book explains what happened to your RCAF crews, in logical sequence, from the moment they walked into the wartime RCAF recruiting offices.

After writing 8 special books on RCAF airmen and their aircraft, David Birrell – a founder and also chief archivist of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, has created a top notch “Alpha to Zulu – RCAF primary reader” on what your RCAF personnel did in WW2 to help achieve Allied Victory in the air and in bombers.

Canada and the RCAF trained over 131,000 aircrew, the majority in bombers in WW2, in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. It was a stunning achievement by Canada that was unequalled within the entire British Empire!

It is a “Must-read” and is highly recommended as one of our best books to date on the bomber crews and the RCAF in WW2.

KK – Curator BCMC

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