BOOK – Bomber Command Churchill’s Greatest Triumph


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A powerful portrait of Bomber Command accomplishments. This is not a textbook. Rather, it is Roddy’s researched facts coupled with compelling stories about the people who turned Bomber Command into the war-winning weapon it became. First among these was Sir Winston Churchill. And Roddy was delighted to discover how closely Bomber Command and America’s bombers fought as one to destroy the Nazis.

This book is also about the Germans being bombed. Their Defence of the Reich defeat by Bomber Command, aided by America’s bombers, was catastrophic for the Third Reich. And there’s more. Roddy, being Canadian, naturally highlights Canada’s extraordinary contribution, and those of her sister dominions, Australia and New Zealand, who, with Britain and Canada, merged all four air forces into Bomber Command.

This book also sweeps aside fiction to reveal who Bomber Command’s controversial commander, Marshal of the RAF Sir Authur Harris, really was. And it tells us how our “Bomber Boys” risked everything against overwhelming odds in the dark night-fighter and flak-filled skies of Nazi Fortress Europe to bring the second World War to its crushing conclusion. 345 pages.


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