When a brand new Halifax bomber MZ-813 (QB-B) was assigned to Jack Dundas, a pilot with No. 424 Squadron, Dundas and his crew were faced with deciding what sort of nose art beginning with the letter “B” they could decorate her with. The majority of the crew favoured the name “Beer Barrel Betty” with artwork of a female figure to match. However, Jack felt that they needed something different and recalls, “So I exercised my right and told the crew that, as skipper, we were going to do it my way! No. 424 was based within walking distance of the town of Thirsk and one day in a bookstore there, I spied a child’s paint book with the little Walt Disney ‘Bambi’ on the cover. I thought, ‘Dainty little Bambi, bloody great Halifax, what a contrast!’ So I bought the book and had the ground crew nose artist paint the book cover on the nose of the Halifax.