Lancaster ED-905 was known as “Press-On-Regardless”. With F/L D.A. Shaw at the controls, she flew her one hundredth operation on 2 November 1944 with No. 550 Squadron RAF. The aircraft’s nose art illustrated the aircrew’s off-duty interests in young ladies and beer. It is not surprising that most of the servicemen in England actively sought romantic encounter with British ladies. A young man doing so was referred to as a “wolf” and two of them appear on the aircraft’s shield above a lady and a mug of beer. The motto “AD EXTRE MUM!” appears to be Latin but in fact derives from “Add extra beer Mom”, likely a pub-based expression. “Press-On-Regardless” above the bomb tally refers to the crew’s approach to the young ladies and beer. The cross in Scottish colors that forms part of the crest likely reflects “Jock” Shaw’s ancestry.