“Ol Daid Eye” was based upon an ad for Auto-Lite spark-plugs that featured hillbillies who made home-brew. The company had a plant in Sarnia, Ontario and advertised regularly in Canadian magazines during the war. This artwork was actually “tail art” as it was painted next to Halifax LW-207’s rear turret during its service with No. 426 Squadron RCAF. On 16 June 1944, S/L Donald Patterson selected LW-207 as his aircraft. He went on to pilot the aircraft on sixteen operations between 19 May and 30 July 1944. The Halifax was assigned the markings “OW-W” and named “Willie The Wolf From The West”. Both “Ol Daid Eye” and “Willie the Wolf From The West” are among fourteen panels of Halifax nose art that were cut from RCAF aircraft that were about to be scrapped following the war. They are currently on display at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.