No. 425 Squadron RCAF Halifax NR-271 was assigned to a regular crew with an American pilot, F/O Chuck Lesesne. The crew chose the name “Nuts for Nazis” with artwork that featured a monkey wearing flying gear and spitting out engineering nuts, one for each operation flown. Halifax “KW-N” flew a total of 43 operations, 19 of them piloted by F/O Lesesne. While on their 22nd operation in another Halifax, they were hit by flak and then attacked by three enemy Me-262 jet fighters. F/Lt. Lesesne ordered his Canadian crew to abandon the Halifax, struggling to hold the aircraft steady as they did. Sadly, he was badly injured in the attack and later died on the ground in the arms of his air-gunner. F/Lt. Lesesne’s was one of 379 Americans whose names appear on Canada’s Bomber Command Memorial.