F/Sgt Albert Stanley Prince was a member of No. 107 Squadron RAF and was the first of ten thousand Canadians killed serving with Bomber Command. He flew a Bristol Blenheim Mk IV into action on the second day of the war and attacked the German pocket battleship, Admiral Scheer. F/Sgt Prince’s aircraft was hit by flak but, retaining some measure of control, F/Sgt. Prince was able to ditch the aircraft in the sea. All three crewmembers were rescued by the enemy but F/Sgt. Prince later died of his injuries. No. 107 Squadron’s insignia featured an RAF eagle diving in front of a large “V for Victory”. Clarence painted the artwork on aluminum skin from a Bolingbroke (the Canadian-built variant of the Blenheim Mk IV). It was unveiled by F/Sgt Prince’s son during the museum’s “The First of the Ten Thousand” commemoration in 1999.