Halifax NR-199 served briefly with No. 434 Squadron, No. 408 Squadron, No. 420, and was then returned to No. 408 Squadron where it received the markings “EQ-N”. Since the aircraft had been posted from squadron to squadron, none of which seemed to want it, the crew connected it with P/O Prune, a cartoon character that played the role of an inept air force officer who was featured in illustrations that were part of Royal Air Force training material. Prune was not a valued member of any of the squadrons either. In the cartoons, he regularly crashed aircraft or made other significant errors. After each accident, with his index finger pointing prominently and generally wearing a white glove, P/O Prune commented on the subject at hand or explained how things should have been done. Halifax NR-199 completed a total of 22 sorties before the war ended.