Home For the Heavies

Our campaign in the coming months will be titled “Home for the Heavies” at the Bomber Command Museum!

Our motto – convert the impossible to the difficult and get it done!

All we have to do is come up with $4.3 to $4.5 million in the next months of 2022. Donate

Benefactors and Corporations, are YOU the one who will make this dream come true? “The TEAM makes The DREAM!”
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New Nanton Town Council Informed of
Bomber Command Museum’s plans.

Bomber Command Museum VP Dan Fox Briefs the

Nanton Town Council on the Expansion Plans.

View of Lancaster and Halifax in proposed expansion

View of Lancaster and Halifax in proposed expansion.

You will see our dream unfold before you.

Exterior view of Lancaster on the apron of the proposed facility.

We envision room for taxiing, for viewing and room for another heavy bomber, the Halifax. 

The eventual arrival of a second running and taxiing restored aircraft, the four engine Halifax from the Rescue 57 project, excavation and restoration underway in Sweden and Ottawa, ON as well as Nanton, AB, will create a truly unique classic aviation experience. About 70% of Canadian operations flown in WW II were in Halifaxes.

The Bomber Command Museum of Canada is making the huge push forward to raise funds in 2022 and build our great new Expansion Hangar adjacent to our existing museum complex in 2023.

WHY the big push now? Because the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the RCAF in 1924 will soon be upon us in 2024 and we will not, as a national memorial museum to the 10,500+ Canadians killed in bombers in WW II, be left out of the centenary of the RCAF! It will only come once in a lifetime!
The greatest moments in all those 100 Years of the RCAF must surely be their contributions in combat in WW II for Allied Victory by our RCAF bomber crews and squadrons.

Honour – Excellence – Sacrifice – this is the RCAF!
The BCMC will not be denied in our goal to build our “Home for the Heavies”.

Overall site plan



Overall Site Plan

Room for two heavies to trundle around the taxi track before a seated audience.

Directors – Bomber Command Museum of Canada – Nanton, Alberta February 22, 2022