F2T FM159 Sneakers

These sneakers are custom made for each wearer. Order online, $75 CAD.
15% of your sale is donated to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada. 

You must have a pair of these sneakers.

You Must Have A Pair of These Sneakers Sneakers from I Love A Hangar

Customized Sneakers inspired by Lancaster F2T FM159

In a collaborative design effort, confirmed by a Corporate Sponsorship Agreement, The Bomber Command Museum of Canada is pleased to announce it’s Sponsorship by TPCM Worldwide Pty Ltd known to us as I Love A Hangar, an Australian registered company with corporate offices located Sydney NSW Australia.

The designs feature colours and decoration inspired by the livery carried by FM159, the Lancaster aircraft at Nanton Alberta.

Through the power of the Internet and global trade, we have the good fortune to be able to order custom sneakers at reasonable cost.

15% of sales of the FM159 design will be donated to the Museum. 

You need a pair of these sneakers.

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