Salute To The Lancaster – VR-X Connection

In the year of the sixtieth anniversary of the first flight of the Lancaster, the Society’s event focused on the Lanc. Words were heard on tape from the Society’s Honourary President, Margaret Dove (daughter of Lanc designer Roy Chadwick). The Lanc’s wartime virtues were extolled by navigator Jim Love and pilot Joe English. Its postwar role was praised by Duke Dawe, an f/e with No. 407 Squadron during the 1950’s who flew 225 hours in the museum Lancaster.

A painting depicting the Canadian built Lancaster that flew the most operations KB732 “X-Terminator” of No. 419 squadron was unveiled by Lt. Col. Steve Hill, c/o No. 419 Squadron and Howard Witwer who had flew three operations in the aircraft during WW II.

Clarence Simonsen’s replica painting of VR-X’s nose art and bomb tallypainted on a wing panel from Lancaster FM-108.


“Touching Down After 84”
( Commissioned Painting for this Event )


Bikes and Bombers 2019
Bikes and Bombers 2019 - Main Hangar
F2T FM159 with replica Torpex Munitions