Roy Chadwick

(l-r) Don Hudson (Roy Chadwick’s nephew), Mrs. Hudson, Mary Etheridge,and Norm Etheridge in front of a portrait of Roy Chadwick by Joe English.

We celebrated the life of one of the world’s best and most prolific aircraft designers. Although Roy Chadwick died tragically, in 1947, in the crash of one of his newly designed aircraft, he left a legacy of aviation triumphs that changed the history of aviation forever. The crash, in which he perished, was the result of flight control cables being reversed. Fifty years later the Nanton Lancaster Society remembered Roy Chadwick for all his achievements, but in particular, as the designer of the Lancaster bomber. Chadwick designed aircraft from early bi-wing trainers to modern jets. Some of the special guests were Don Hudson (Don is Roy Chadwick’s nephew), Norm Ethridge (Norm was the guiding force behind the restoration of Canada’s only flying Lancaster), Ken Brown of Dam Buster fame, and Honorary Col. Art Smith of 416 Squadron.

“Roy Chadwick – Architect Of Wings”
( Commisioned Painting for this Event )

Roy Chadwick Biography
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