RCAF 100th Anniversary Salute to Johnny Fauquier

Engine runs of the Lancaster and Bristol Hercules at 11:00 am and 2:00pm
Richard Deboer will be speaking for the RCAF 100th Anniversary

10:00: Museum opens
10:30: Tiger Moth Engine Run
11:00: Lancaster Engine Run
11:30: ‘Duisburg’ -The RCAF’s Busiest Day
12:30: ‘Johnny’ -Our feature presentation
2:00: Lancaster Engine Run in honour of Johnny
2:30: Bristol Hercules Engine Run

-Breakfast (after 9:00) and Lunch available on site
-Engine runs, special displays and demos all day
-Fauquier family members will be in attendance
-Unveiling of a permanent display honouring Johnny
-Lancaster cockpit tours
-Dedication of Grand Slam Bomb replica

Lancaster, Hercules 11 AM – Lancaster, Hercules, Tiger Moth, Crane 2 PM

RCAF 100th Fri-Sat Info Sheet 2024-01-30


Bikes and Bombers 2019
Bikes and Bombers 2019 - Main Hangar
F2T FM159 with replica Torpex Munitions