Nanton-Senantes Twinning Anniversary Night Run

Nanton-Senantes Twinning Anniversary Night Run

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the twinning of the Town of Nanton with the Village of Senantes in France and commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Ian Bazalgette’s VC Flight. We hope to have a delegation from Senantes attend as well as members of the Bazalgette family.

We honour the 75th anniversary of Ian Bazalgette’s historic crash near the town of Senantes, France. Bazalgette’s Lancaster Bomber was hit and set on fire during an attack on a Nazi V-1 flying bomb site. He attempted to save two injured crew members by trying to land the plane, but the landing caused an explosion, killing all on board. Citizens of Senantes then hid Bazalgette’s remains from the Nazis and later buried him in their churchyard and continue to maintain the grave to this day.

Lancaster Merlin Engine Run-ups* NIGHT RUN at 10 p.m.

* Engine run-ups are subject to the aircraft being serviceable and other factors.
*Engine run times are subject to change.

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10 p.m.
Merlins at Night
Lancaster engines run at night
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