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Aircraft Engines in the Collection

In 1929 Menasco produced the Pirate A-4, an inverted, inline, 4 cylinder engine that provided 90 h.p. Later models had increased displacement and more power. A six cylinder derivative, the Menasco Buccaneer, went on to become a legendary air-racing engine with outputs as high as 315 h.p. from a weight of only 415 pounds.

During the manufacture of the Tiger Moth Aircraft in Canada the engines were shipped from England and concern was felt about their continued availability under wartime conditions. Menasco, a California company, was contracted as an alternate supplier and produced 136 Pirate D-4's for Canadian built Tiger Moths.

Manufactured by:
First manufactured:
Menasco Manufacturing Co
125 h.p. @ 2175 r.p.m.
4; inline; inverted; aircooled
363 cu. in.
296 pounds

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