Rolls-Royce Nene

The Nene was designed and built in 5.5 months during 1944. Later they were test-bedded on a Lancastrian aircraft, a derivative of the Lancaster. In 1948, this aircraft set a London-Paris speed record of fifty minutes using the two jet engines alone.

The engine featured a double entry centrifugal-compressor, nine straight through combustion chambers, and a single stage turbine.

Nene’s were used in the Canadair T-33 and the Supermarine Attacker. A Soviet built version was used in their La-168 and Tu-12 Fighters as well as in the Tupolev Tu-73 Soviet medium-range bomber.


Manufactured by: Rolls-Royce
Thrust: 5000 pounds @12,400 r.p.m.
Type: Double entry centrifugal flow compressor turbojet engine
Power: 10 Centrifugal Flow Jet
Weight: 1600 pounds
First manufactured: 1944