Ranger 6 L-440


The Ranger 6 evolved from the Cirrus air-cooled, inline engine designed in 1928. Considerable research went into the design of the close-fitting baffles around the cylinders so that a small air intake could be utilized. The engines were reliable but quite dirty, a condition that was exasperated by the absence of excess airflow due to the close cowling. With relatively low power, the engine did not perform well at the high elevations of western Canada and was upgraded to 200 h.p. for use in Cornells.

Ranger 6’s were used almost exclusively on Fairchild Aircraft, in particular the Fairchild 19 and the wartime PT-26 Cornell trainer.


Manufactured by: Fairchild/Ranger
Power: 175 h.p. @ 2450 r.p.m.
Cylinders: 6; inline; inverted; aircooled
Displacement: 441 cu. in.
Weight: 376 pounds
First manufactured: 1941