Kinner B-5

The company name Kinner is synonymous with the five cylinder radial and the design of this American built engine dates back to 1919.

They ran with a heavy, throbbing vibration, but enjoyed a long life and a reputation for ruggedness, durability, reliability and economical operation.

Kinners were the engine of choice for the Fleet bi-plane trainers used by the RCAF before and during WW II. Kinner B-5’s (125 h.p.) powered the Fleet 7B Fawn II and the R-5 version of the engine (160 h.p.) was used in the Fleet 16D Finch and also the Fleet Model 10D’s purchased by China, Mexico, and Venezuela.


Manufactured by: Kinner Aircraft and Motor
Power: 125 h.p. @ 1925 r.p.m.
Cylinders: 5; radial; air-cooled
Displacement: 441 cu. In.
Weight: 295 pounds
First manufactured: 1930