Jacobs L-6 MB


The “Shakin Jake” or “Shaky Jake,” as it was known as during World War II, was the largest American built seven cylinder radial built during the war.

In Canada, the engine is best known for powering the Avro Anson Mk. II, the Canadian built twin-engined trainer that served in great numbers across the country as a mainstay of the BCATP.

The engine on display is the 330 h.p. L-6 MB. The smaller Jacobs L-4 MB (245 h.p.) powered the American built Cessna Crane, another twin engine aircraft used by the BCATP as well as in the United States.

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Manufactured by: Jacobs
Power: 330 h.p. @ 2200 r.p.m.
Cylinders: 7; radial; air-cooled
Displacement: 914 cu. in.
Weight: 557 pounds
First manufactured: 1936