Barry Davidson’s P.O.W. Logbook

Barry Davidson P.O.W.


Barry Davidson kept a logbook during his time as a Prisoner of War. The empty book was provided by the “Prisoners’ Aid of the Y.M.C.A.” in Geneva Switzerland.

Barry’s logbook contains sketches, water colour paintings, photographs, and poetry completed by himself and others during his time in prison camps. A painting of the monument erected to the memory of the “Fifty” killed following the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III may be found in the book. The names of Barry’s friends who had been killed were carefully written onto another page. Also included is a design and detailed drawing for a hunting lodge Barry dreamt of building while in prison camp.

Author Shirlee Matheson, who included Barry’s story in her book, “Flying The Frontiers Volume III,” referred to the logbook as, “a national treasure,” and wrote that, “the drawings and poems clearly capture the emotions of men whose freedom has been snatched away -and the eternal hope to recapture that freedom.”

One of the poems include these poignant lines:

I hope that I will never know, so many days that pass so slow; So many weeks so much the same; so many months without a name.

I hope my cup will overflow with all the joys I used to know, With wine and women to be kissed, to make up for the things I’ve missed.

A copy of the logbook was presented to the Society by the Davidson family when the Barry Davidson Memorial Blenheim was dedicated at the museum. We are pleased to present a sampling of the pages.