Although the museum’s collection of aircraft has grown significantly over the years, the Society remains focused on its goals of honouring those who served with Bomber Command and the BCATP.

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[ Photo courtesy Dave Cheeseman]

Westland Lysander

Designed as an army co-operation aircraft, the Lysander first flew in 1936. During the spring of 1940, Lysander squadrons fought in Belgium and France. It soon became apparent that the…

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The T-33 is an American designed plane which was developed by Lockheed. It evolved from one of the earliest jet aircraft, the single seat F-80 "Shooting Star" which first flew…

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BCATP Vehicles

Aerodrome Crash Truck 1942 Ford (Six Wheel Drive) Trucks such as this served on all British Commonwealth Air Training Plan bases in Canada during World War II. They were ready…

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Allison V-1710

The Allison V-1710 was the only American built, liquid-cooled engine to see service during WW II. Originally developed to power dirigibles, the design was modified in 1935 for use in…

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