Although the museum’s collection of aircraft has grown significantly over the years, the Society remains focused on its goals of honouring those who served with Bomber Command and the BCATP.

Vickers Viking
The Museum's Vickers Viking IV Replica as it is displayed in Edmonton.

Vickers Viking

The Vickers Viking IV biplane was the first amphibian aircraft to be used in Canada. Although designed in Britain by the British Vicker's Aircraft Co, most of those used in…

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North American NA-64 Yale
[ Photo courtesy Sam Stead ]

North American NA-64 Yale

The Yale is a fixed undercarriage, lower powered, lighter weight version of the well known Harvard. Both the Yale and Harvard evolved from the North American Aviation NA-16 which was…

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Beechcraft-18 “Expeditor”

The Beech-18 is one of the most adaptable and versatile twin-engined aircraft ever built. The type first flew in 1937 and orders for military versions were placed in 1941 with…

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Bristol Blenheim Mk IV

Just one minute after Britain's formal declaration of war against Germany took effect on September 3, 1939, a Blenheim IV of 139 Squadron took off to fly the RAF's first…

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Cessna Crane

The British built Airspeed Oxford and Avro Anson Mk I were the only twin-engined trainers available for service with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada at the beginning…

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Fairchild PT-26A Cornell

In the spring of 1941, the Fairchild Cornell was selected to replace the aging de Havilland Tiger Moths and Fleet Fawns and Finches and become the primary RCAF trainer used…

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Messerschmitt Bf 109

Referred to as the Me 109 by Allied pilots and aircrew, the aircraft was designed in the mid-1930's. One of the first truly modern fighters of the era, it featured…

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De Havilland Mosquito
[ British Aerospace photo ]

De Havilland Mosquito

The first thing that struck one about the Mosquito was the beauty of line of the fuselage, tailplane, fin and engine cowlings. They all went together and made a lovely…

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Avro Anson Mk II

The Anson first flew in 1935 and went on to serve in a wide variety of roles during the Second World War. Over 11 000 were built and the Anson…

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The development, production, and operation of the CF-100 represents one of Canadian aviation's outstanding achievements. It remains the only Canadian designed and built combat aircraft to reach operational status and…

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Bazalgette Lancaster FM-159
Reflections of FM159, the night before it was placed in the new building.

Bazalgette Lancaster FM-159

Introduction Lancaster FM159 is a lucky Lancaster. One of 7374 built to help vanquish the Nazis, it was fortunate to have arrived for battle after the war in Europe ended,…

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