The bomber offensive mounted by the Royal Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the air forces of other Commonwealth countries during the Second World War has been described as the most continuous and grueling operation of war ever carried out.

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PL-9628 31 July 1942 Wings Presesentation with A/M Bishop at #2 SFTS Uplands The wings of a full-fledged pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force are pinned on the breast of Leading Aircraftman R.N. Harrison of Montclair, New Jersey by Air Marshal W.A. Bishop V.C., greatest Allied ace of the last war. Harrison graduated from a Service Flying Training School at Uplands, near Ottawa , Ont.

Americans in the RCAF

Recruiting American citizens on American soil to fight in a foreign war was a violation of the United States Neutrality Act but the RCAF needed pilots and recruits. Canadian World…

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