If a bomber crew was assigned a particular aircraft, they were sometimes able to choose the name and artwork and this enabled a powerful bond to develop between the men and the machine.

Nose Art Archive

With the cooperation of Clarence and others and a huge amount of work by Katelyn, the museum has created a database of information and photographs of all the RCAF, RAF,…

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Nose Art Replica Paintings
No. 107 Squadron

Nose Art Replica Paintings

None of these pieces is actual wartime work on original aircraft skin. Rather it is "replica" nose art, painted fairly recently but on actual skin from a wartime aircraft.

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Full Size Nose Art Replica Paintings

Full Size Nose Art Replica Paintings

S/L Donald Patterson, "B" Flight Commander with No. 426 Squadron, selected Halifax LW-207 as his aircraft and flew the aircraft on sixteen operations. It was assigned the markings "OW-W" and…

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George Oliver – Nose Artist

George Oliver – Nose Artist

The museum is pleased to display a very special suitcase that has been donated by George Oliver of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Rear-gunner George Oliver flew with No. 408 Squadron in…

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Clarence Simonsen Biography

Clarence Simonsen was born in a small farmhouse six miles from Acme, Alberta on 24 March 1944. During the postwar RCAF era, Simonsen watched bright yellow Harvard trainers buzz across…

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Clarence Simonsen – Mr. Nose Art

by Michelle Greysen Randolf Hearst printed the first known American comic strip in his November 1902 New York Journal, in 1938 the Superman comic book arrived on the scene, and…

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Nose Art – Archie The Archer

Halifax Mk. III (serial LL575) was a hard luck aircraft but she survived to end up in the scrap heap at Rawcliffe. It was assigned to No. 420 Squadron on…

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Nose Art – Avenging Angel
Avenging Angel after 30th Op.

Nose Art – Avenging Angel

Halifax (serial NP755) was delivered to No. 432 Squadron on 15 August 44. The aircraft completed 28 operations until it was severely damaged while landing on 18 November 44 (pilot…

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Nose Art – Dragon

Nose Art – Dragon

The Dragon was a Mk. V Halifax (Serial LK947) and was delivered to No. 428 squadron on 15 October 1943, where it completed eight operations between 22/23 October 1943 and…

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Nose Art – Fangs of Fire

Halifax Mk. 3 (serial LV953) was delivered to No. 431 Squadron on 22 March 44. Before seeing any action it was transferred to No. 424 Squadron and then again transferred…

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