BCATP aircraft flown during World War II

Avro Anson Mk II

The Anson first flew in 1935 and went on to serve in a wide variety of roles during the Second World War. Over 11 000 were built and the Anson…

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The development, production, and operation of the CF-100 represents one of Canadian aviation's outstanding achievements. It remains the only Canadian designed and built combat aircraft to reach operational status and…

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Bazalgette Lancaster FM-159
Reflections of FM159, the night before it was placed in the new building.

Bazalgette Lancaster FM-159

Introduction Lancaster FM159 is a lucky Lancaster. One of 7374 built to help vanquish the Nazis, it was fortunate to have arrived for battle after the war in Europe ended,…

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Lancaster KB-732
'X-Terminator just prior to takeoff to Wangerooge; (l-r) G/C J.F. MacDonald (station commander at Middleton St. George), A/C C.R. Dunlap (commander of 64 Base), F/S Don McTaggart (KB-732's rear gunner), AVM C.M. "Black Mike" McEwen (A.O.C. No. 6 Group), and F/L Barney Wickham (KB-732's pilot) [ Photo courtesy Don McTaggart ]

Lancaster KB-732

VR--X-terminator The Greatest of the Canadian Lancs - by Dave Birrell Originally published in the Winter 2002 Edition of Airforce Magazine There are numerous Lancaster Bombers worthy of special attention…

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Lancaster KB-762

Corporal George William Billyard was "mentioned in dispatches" regarding KB762 as follows: Corporal Billyard is to be highly commended for his work in connection with the investigation of crashed aircraft…

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Lancaster KB-885 – The Saga of the Red Deer Lancaster
Bomber Service at Red Deer, c.1950's. [ photo courtesy I.L. Moore ]

Lancaster KB-885 – The Saga of the Red Deer Lancaster

Lancaster Mk. X KB885 was built at the Victory Aircraft Plant at Malton, Ontario and ferried to a maintenance unit in England. It was assigned to No. 434 [Bluenose] Squadron…

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Fairey Battle

At the beginning of the war, the Battle saw service as a light day bomber but was soon found to be too slow, vulnerable and under-gunned for air warfare in…

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Fleet Fawn Mk II (7c)

Fleet Fawn Mk II (7c)

The Fleet Fawn first saw service with the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1931 when twenty Mk I's were delivered. Several versions of the "Fawn" design were manufactured during the…

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Short Stirling

The Short Stirling was the first of the four-engined bombers to fly, the prototype taking to the air in May of 1939. However its undercarriage collapsed on landing and it…

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Fleet Finch

The Finch served in 12 elementary flying training schools in Canada. Like the Tiger Moth, the Finch was equipped for Canadian winter operations with a sliding canopy over the two…

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Fleet Fort
[ courtesy Canadian Warplane Heritage ]

Fleet Fort

The only aircraft designed and built by Canadians in World War II, the Fort was intended as a cheaper version of the Harvard, also an intermediate trainer. The Fort's maiden…

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