During World War II the Lancaster was the most successful bomber used by the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Canadian Lancasters

During the early years of the war, the British and their Allies were making plans to build as many aircraft as possible. If some of this manufacturing could be done…

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The Saga of the Red Deer Lancaster

KB885 prior to being placed on supports at the service station, April, 1948. Lancaster Mk. X KB885 was built at the Victory Aircraft Plant at Malton, Ontario and ferried to…

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Bazalgette Lancaster FM-159
Reflections of FM159, the night before it was placed in the new building.

Bazalgette Lancaster FM-159

Introduction Lancaster FM159 is a lucky Lancaster. One of 7374 built to help vanquish the Nazis, it was fortunate to have arrived for battle after the war in Europe ended,…

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Lancaster KB-732
'X-Terminator just prior to takeoff to Wangerooge; (l-r) G/C J.F. MacDonald (station commander at Middleton St. George), A/C C.R. Dunlap (commander of 64 Base), F/S Don McTaggart (KB-732's rear gunner), AVM C.M. "Black Mike" McEwen (A.O.C. No. 6 Group), and F/L Barney Wickham (KB-732's pilot) [ Photo courtesy Don McTaggart ]

Lancaster KB-732

VR--X-terminator The Greatest of the Canadian Lancs - by Dave Birrell Originally published in the Winter 2002 Edition of Airforce Magazine There are numerous Lancaster Bombers worthy of special attention…

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Lancaster KB-762

Corporal George William Billyard was "mentioned in dispatches" regarding KB762 as follows: Corporal Billyard is to be highly commended for his work in connection with the investigation of crashed aircraft…

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Lancaster KB-885 – The Saga of the Red Deer Lancaster
Bomber Service at Red Deer, c.1950's. [ photo courtesy I.L. Moore ]

Lancaster KB-885 – The Saga of the Red Deer Lancaster

Lancaster Mk. X KB885 was built at the Victory Aircraft Plant at Malton, Ontario and ferried to a maintenance unit in England. It was assigned to No. 434 [Bluenose] Squadron…

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Lancaster KB-700
Roll Out of KB-700.

Lancaster KB-700

KB-700 - THE RUHR EXPRESS August 1, 1943 was a proud day for the workers of Victory Aircraft and indeed for all Canadians as the first Canadian-built Lancaster rolled off…

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Canadian Built Avro Lancasters

A total of 430 Avro Lancaster Mk. X's were built in Canada by Victory Aircraft Limited at Malton, Ontario. They are listed below and information regarding each of the 430…

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The Lancaster Bomber

During the 1930's few would have foreseen that Britain would be as isolated and vulnerable as it became in 1940. Indeed, few people today understand how threatened the future of…

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FM159 Visits Bermuda

by Bernie "Shorty" Hazelton CWO (Ret'd) In January, 1955 during my tour with No. 404 (MR) Squadron at Greenwood, Nova Scotia as a flight engineer, our crew was tasked to…

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From the Log of FM159

Mr. Clark was a pilot with 407 Squadron based at Comox, British Columbia. During the 1950's the Squadron flew Lancasters and the following is Bert's description of one of his…

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