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No. 433 (Porcupine) Squadron

Commanding Officers

W/C C. Sinton: 9 November 1943 – 30 May 1944
W/C A. Lewington: 31 May 1944 – 5 November 1944
W/C G. Tambling: 6 November 1944 – 1 August 1945

On 25th September, 1943, 433 Squadron was formed at Skipton-on-Swale. The squadron remained at this base until the conclusion of the European war. 433 Squadron did not begin operations until January of 1945, at which point they operated Halifax bombers. The Halifax was used for most of this squadron’s wartime activity. Later that month, the unit began to convert to Lancasters, delivering their final payload to the enemy with this type of bomber. Aircrew of 433 Squadron were awarded various medals and honours, including a Purple Heart (U.S.). Aircraft belonging to 433 Squadron were marked with designations that began with “BM.”

The squadron crest shows a porcupine in front of a “hurt,” or the blue disc behind the animal. The blue colour of the disc represents the sky through which the aircrew flew, and the “hurt” reflects the damage done to the enemy during operations. The motto “Quis’y frotte s’y pique” (“Who opposes it gets hurt”) further demonstrates these characteristics. 433 Squadron acquired the nickname “Porcupine” because the unit was adopted by the Porcupine District of Northern Ontario.

433 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force. (1944)
433 Halifax