Nose Art – Ville De Quebec

Ville De Quebec 1945.
Ville De Quebec in Canadian War Museum.

This nose art was carried by Halifax Mk. III (serial NP957) and was the first piece selected by Lindsay for return to Canada.

NP957 was delivered to No. 427 squadron on 13 September and received the code “L.” Her first operation was flown on 24 September 1944 to Calais. The 40th and last operation with the squadron was a sea-mining sortie on 25 February 1945. The aircraft was then transferred to No. 429 squadron and coded “U,” completing three operations, 2 March (Cologne), 5/6 March (Chemnitz), and 13 March 1945 to Wuppertal.

NP957 was then assigned to her last squadron, No. 425, where she received code “KW-Q” (Q for Quebec). The Halifax flew ten operations, seven by the crew of P/O Kolisnek, who are believed to have chosen the nose art. The aircraft completed a total of 53 operations.