Nose Art – Ol’ Daid Eye

The painting of “tail art” was very rare but two Halifax aircraft carried impressive paintings.

One was Halifax Mk. VII (serial LW207) which was delivered to No. 420 Squadron on 13 June 1944, but flew no operations. The aircraft was then transferred to No. 426 Squadron where it completed 58 operations from 21 June 44 to 25 April 1945. On 13 May 45, LW207 was transferred to No. 408 Squadron.

Ol’ Daid Eye -1945.

As well as the “Ol’ Daid Eye” tail art, Halifax LW207 carried impressive nose art (“Willie the Wolf from the West”). This nose art is also part of the Canadian War Museum’s Collection. For more details about Halifax LW207 please see the text related to “Willie the Wolf from the West.”

Please note that in F/L Lindsay’s photograph (above) you can clearly see Ol Dead Eye’s scrotum and it is known that his penis was a small pink rivet. In preparation for display in the Canadian War Museum the pink rivet was repainted and the scrotum was completely painted out.

Ol’ Daid Eye in Canadian War Museum.
Ol’ Daid Eye replica in Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum.
An unknown airman sitting in Halifax LW-207’s rear-turret that has been turned to the beam (ninety degrees from its normal position).