Nose Art – Jake Sent Me

With a large red maple leaf for nose art and smaller leaves for bomb tally backgrounds, this Halifax Mk III (serial LK828) was truly “Canadian.” It was delivered to No. 431 Squadron on 20 March 1944 and flew its first operation to Noisy-Le-Sec, France, on 18 April 1944 piloted by F/L J.M. Hill. During its next 39 operations, 20 different crews flew in “Jake Sent Me.” On 12/13 June 44, WO2 F.M. Skeaff flew her to Arras. During this operation, the mid-upper gunner destroyed an enemy night-fighter, a symbol for which was painted as part of the nose art. The Skeaff crew flew LK828 on six operations, the most in the squadron, and surely gave her the nose art name. Her fortieth and last operation was to Sterkrade on 27 September 1944 piloted by F/O D.L. Hagar. On 29 September 44, the aircraft was transferred to No. 1659 HCU for training duties. On 27 November 44, while practicing three-engine landings, she overshot and ended up in a ditch.

Patched-up, LK828 was then flown to Rawcliffe.

Jake Sent Me in Canadian War Museum.
Jake Sent Me in 1945.