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Nose Art – Willie Wolf

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Nose Art
Original Halifax Nose Art Collection

    Willie Wolf
        Original Halifax Nose Art Collection

Halifax Mk. VII (serial NP717) was assigned to No. 408 squadron on 13 July 1944. The aircraft received the code letters “EQ-W” and flew her first operation on 4 August 1944 to bomb Bois de Cassen, France. Nineteen different crews flew this aircraft, 13 completing only one operation in the aircraft. Two crews flew her the most. P/O T.V. Barber and crew completed 10 operations and S/L A. Rossenberry flew her on twelve, including her last on 18 May 1945 to Heligoland.

Willie Wolf in Canadian War Mueum.

Willie Wolf 1945.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada

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