Canadair CT-114 Tutor

Tutor #177 at the 2006 Rocky Mountain House Airshow.

The Canadair CT-114 Tutor is a Canadian-built jet trainer that was used by Canada’s air force to train pilots from 1963 until 2000 when it was replaced by the CT-156 Harvard II and the CT-155 Hawk. The Tutor continues to be flown by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

[ Peter Whitfield photo ]

The museum’s aircraft (#114177) arrived by truck in Nanton on September 12, 2005 from CFB Mountainview. It was disassembled and prepared for its journey by museum members Peter and Paul Whitfield and volunteers Mike Berry and Brad Fraser.

After a brief stop in Nanton, Tutor #177 was on its way to Rocky Mountain House where, over the winter of 2005-2006, it was restored and painted by volunteer Maurice Galli in preparation for its appearance at the 2006 Rocky Mountain House Air Show and the official transfer of the aircraft from No. 431 Squadron (The Snowbirds) to the museum. Maurice painted it as Snowbird #4 (the “First Line Astern” position) that it flew as for five seasons and the position that was flown by Major Dan Robinson when he was with the team in 1996 and 1997. Major Robinson was raised in Nanton and his grandfather was one of the group of three responsible for bringing Lancaster FM-159 to Nanton in 1960.

Snowbird #4 taxis by Snowbird #4 (Tutor #177) as the team arrives for the air show.
Clarence Simonsen (left) and museum president Dan Fox hold the artwork that was presented to the Snowbirds at the ceremony that evening. More about this artwork

Tutor #177 was then trucked to Nanton and officially placed on display
as part of the museum’s 2006 Twentieth Anniversary Celebrations.

Maurice Galli (right) is honoured for his splendid restoration and painting work with a presentation by Society president Dan Fox.


P/O Albert Dorey.

Major Dan Robinson and Marg Liessens unveiled the artwork that commemorates the connection between No. 431 Squadron’s wartime history and its more recent history as No. 431 Air Demonstration Squadron (The Snowbirds). Marg Liessen’s father, Albert Dorey, was lost while serving as a wireless operator on No. 431 Squadron Lancaster KB-859.


Marg Liessens and Major Dan Robinson unveiling the artwork. More about this artwork


Tutor #177 was built in 1966 and served at 15 Wing Moose Jaw with Number 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School. The aircraft served with the Snowbirds for ten seasons flying as #3 (1977, 1978), #4 (1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986), #6 (1985), #9 (1979), and #10 (1980). Towards the end of her career, she was once again on strength with Number 2 Flying Training School. The aircraft’s last flight was to CFB Trenton on 27 July, 1999.

Snowbirds over Mt Rainier. Tutor #177 at right.
[ photo courtesy Bill Johnson ] More about this photograph


Tristan deKoninck flying Tutor #177 as Snowbird #4 1983.
[ photo courtesy Bill Johnson ]

Tutor #177’s Career With the Snowbirds

1977#3Capt. Wayne Thompson
1978#3 Capt. Wayne Thompson
1979#9Capt. Ray Hansford
1980#10Capt. Denis Mercier
1981#4Capt. Bob Drake
1982#4 Capt. Tristan deKoninck
1983#4 Capt. Tristan deKoninck
1984#4 Capt. Dave Forman
1985#6Capt. Steve Hill
1986#4Capt. Jim Fowlow