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More Chronicles

The Few
The Complete Transcript of Winston Churchill's Famous Quotation
by Jack Meadows

Most of us who heard at the time of Churchill's famous pronouncement about "The Few" did so via radio or newspapers. We were suitably moved and then got on with the job (as an RAF Flying Instructor at the time I have no personal axe to grind here). Only recently did I come upon a full transcript of what he actually said in the The House on August 20, 1940. It was an eye-opener.

It must have been the media -the fighter boys were too busy and anyway more generous -which quickly pre-empted the tribute for that more visible and glamorous section of the RAF which ever since has basked in glory that was rightly its but not its alone. For, as Churchill said, the bomber boys were doing their own bit just as nobly, if less spectacularly.

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