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Art Collections
John Rutherford Collection

This painting was commissioned by the Society to honour all of Bomber Command's air gunners. It depicts an incident during the night of 10/11 June, 1944 when No. 424 Squadron Halifax "Dipsy Doodle" was attacked by an Me110 fighter and then almost immediately afterwards by an Me109. A fighter flare had been dropped to aid the enemy in locating the bombers, but in this case it worked to the air gunners' advantage, silhouetting the attacking fighters. The mid-upper gunner, Sgt. Peter Engbrecht, and the rear gunner, Sgt. Gordon Gillanders, shot down both aircraft. The families of Peter Engbrecht and Gordon Gillanders unveiled it at the museum's "Salute to the Air Gunners" on 14 August, 2004.

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