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As we head into another winter season, our museum volunteers and staff can take a sigh of relief and pat themselves on the back for a job well-done. Our spring and summer events were the best attended ever. Our July fly-in saw the largest attendance yet, with 76 aircraft attending. We are still receiving compliments for our August 14, Air-Gunners event.

Although it would be nice to take the "winter off," we have too many important projects on the go to slow down for long. Excitement is building over the possibility of seeing an engine on the Lanc "run-up" next summer. With a lot of hard work and a little luck, that should happen.

Our Society is gratified by the response to the appeal for money to build the Bomber Command Memorial Wall. Numerous individuals, Canadian Legions, Air Force Associations, and others have contributed enough funds that we are definitely going ahead with this unique and fitting memorial for all those Canadians who died while serving with Bomber Command. We extend an invitation to everyone to attend the unveiling in the summer of 2005.

Most of the feedback we receive by mail, e-mail, written comments or verbally is very supportive of our efforts to honour those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We will continue to strive to do a better job of making sure that no one forgets how important that sacrifice was.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada