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Once a volunteer organization exists for a number of years, it usually reaches a point where it either stops growing and rests on its laurels or keeps expanding and striving for higher goals. The danger of adopting the former philosophy is that it can lead to the demise of that organization. The Nanton Lancaster Society has no intention of joining the ranks of the dinosaurs.

This spring we are embarking on several ambitious projects related to our primary goal of honoring those associated with Bomber Command. As alluded to in our last newsletter, the Lancaster restoration continues as quickly as our volunteers can make it happen. In addition, planning and fund-raising for our new restoration and display hangar is well underway.

We are also very excited about our "Memorial Wall" project, honoring the 10,347 young Canadian men who gave their lives in the service of Bomber Command during WWII. Our local Legion has started the ball rolling with a $5,000 donation, and we plan to dedicate the "wall" in the summer of 2005.

Another interesting development is the possible recovery of Halifax LW170, which was ditched off the Irish coast in 1945. If this aircraft can be brought to the surface, it is destined to become another major exhibit in the museum, complementing our Lanc.

With our excellent "track record" and network of friends and supporters around the world, the future does indeed look bright. We are continually striving to improve the museum, and with your help, it will become even better.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada