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Recently our secretary-treasurer, Dave Birrell, and I had the opportunity to speak to about 75 members of the Southern Alberta Aircrew Association. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of these war veterans most of whom had flown over Europe during WWII. Their meetings are once a week, year round, and are very well attended. This speaks well of tier camaraderie and sense of duty, both then and now. It makes you wonder if today's youth would rise to the occasion if our country was again threatened from abroad. I'd like to think they would.

I spoke to this dignified and proud group about another war we are now engaged in. This is an undeclared ware, which makes it much more insidious. The enemy are the so-called "politically-correct" revisionist historians operating in our midst, many funded by taxpayer dollars. They would like to rewrite history, according to 1990's moral and standards, ignoring the context in which WWII was so courageously fought. they would have us believe that Bomber Command was led by a bloodthirsty individual who was incapable of emotion. They want to "brainwash" the younger generation into believing that those who willingly participated in the bombing of German targets were as criminal as the enemy who incinerated six million Jews and indiscriminately bombed Coventry and other English cities killing many thousands.

Our museum is involved in this present-day war effort. Our weapons are not live ammunition, but words and objects. Words describe what it was really like to fly night after night over a well-defended target knowing you probably wouldn't make it back. Such objects as our Lancaster bomber serve as memorials to those 55,000 aircrew who didn't make it back.

Let us never forget what really happened!

Bomber Command Museum of Canada