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Well they did it again! Elected, or should I say, railroaded me into another year as your president. When I start to feel the wear and tear of six years in this position, I have only to remember the sacrifices made boy thousands of others, during a six year time frame, fifty years ago.

For two thousand consecutive days and nights, Bomber Command was the main offensive against Nazi Germany. Sir Arthur Harris, Marshal of the against Nazi Germany. Sir Arthur Harris, Marshal of the Air Force, and head of Bomber Command for over three years, took not one day off in his whole tenure. The dedication of Harris and his loyal crews is above reproach. Our efforts today to honor those brave "lads," pales in caparison to what they to what they endured in training and in action.

Speaking of bravery, all would agree that the Pathfinder Force had that in abundance. Accordingly, our Society's premier event this number will recognize and honor the survivors (and those who perished) in the service of the P.F.F. All former Pathfinder Squadron members are cordially invited to attend our "Commemorative Day" on July 31. We have some very interesting personalities scheduled to take part in a busy day at the museum. An information page regarding this event has been inserted in this newsletter

If you visit the museum this summer, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the changes and improvements that have been made over winter. We have realized that like Bomber Command, we can't afford to stop and rest on our laurels. Our members and the public have come to expect progress and upgrading in your museum and that is what we strive for.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada