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After another very busy and interesting summer at the museum, it's time for a little reflection. Sometimes we get so involved that we forget to stop and reflect upon our accomplishments, or to recall the great people we,ve met.

Because we are human, we like to hear the good things said about us (and forget the rest). Let me share some of the former with you from this past season.

Doug Penny, president of the Air-Gunners Association, at the unveiling of our restored rear turret said, "You've done a tremendous job. It's a feather in your cap to be able to do something like this!"

Ken Brown, CGM - Dam Busters pilot, said at our July 17, 1993, commemoration day, "The Nanton Lancaster society provides a link between those who are not here to speak on their own behalf to let the younger generations realize that a tremendous contribution was made, that they might live in freedom."

Milt Harradence, honorary colonel of 416 squadron and representing Legion Command, said, "When I walked into your museum this afternoon I was astounded at what you have accomplished!" (July 17, 1993)

Donald P. Evans, secretary treasurer, the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, Toronto Chapter: "Bill (Turner) and I visited eleven Canadian aviation museums, attended two banquets, one conventionÉ. returning to Toronto June 17, 1993. Without any doubt, the Nanton Lancaster Society's museum ranked among the best organized museums we visited. You people deserve a great deal of credit for getting your act together to build a beautiful hangar, display facilities, and setting up first class exhibits."

Keith Shepard, representing Bomber Command Association of Canada said at our Dam Busters banquet, "The Lancaster Society has made Nanton famous all over the world."

And finally, Helen Robertson, (cousin of Torger Taerum of Milo, Alberta, who was navigator for W/C Guy Gibson, leader of the Dam Busters raid): "I am sure, if Torger was looking down, he would say congratulations and smile on the people of Nanton (and Society members everywhere) for preserving a very important part of history."

Sometimes it is good to reflect upon the past. It gives us energy to continue into the future.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada