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I'm excited! Not just because another tourist season is upon us, but for several other reasons. When I walk into the museum, I see the corner where our "Dambuster" display will soon be situated. Then, stepping under the wings of the Lanc, I'm walking on new concrete all the way to the newly completed shop wing. There, under the new heater and lights, sit the tools and machines required for aircraft restoration work.

My mind races ahead to late June, when a group of air gunners will "test" the newly restored rear turret. On to July 17, when we honor the 0th anniversary of the "Dams Raid" by 617 Squadron. A CF-5 will blast through town in the flypast to be held that day. A couple of trips to airships demonstrating our mid-upper turret to hundreds of new friends, and the summer will be nearly over.

What other developments this season has in store, I have no idea. That is one of the most exciting aspects of belonging to this Society - you never know what might happen next, but usually it's a pleasant experience!

You can have that "little boy" excitement too - just get involved in the NLS as a volunteer or support us in any way you deem appropriate. There's no sense that just a few of us have all the fun!

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