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Now that our beautiful museum has been "officially" opened, you may think that we can now rest on our laurels and take it easy for awhile. I wish this were true, but what we have created is a living, breathing, entity with an impetus of its own! All you have to do to experience this feeling of being "carried onward" is spend a day doing museum related activities - listen to a WWII veteran tell his or her personal story; work with a group of volunteers on a project like assembling an artifact or pouring a concrete floor; read a letter from a society member 5000 miles away giving us words (and sometimes dollars) of support. These are only a few examples of what happens every day.

On a more sombre note, I must broach a subject that may enable the Society to continue its efforts of completing and expanding the museum in the future. Several of our membership have expressed interest in leaving a legacy for future generations. I am referring, of course, to the mention of the Nanton Lancaster Society in their wills. If we all promised a portion of our estates for the preservation of Bomber Command and BCATP artifacts as well as records of those who participated, your museum would be able to even better represent your wishes. Please give this idea your serious consideration.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada