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Well, it's finally happened! We're moved into our new building and the Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum is now a reality. The south "wing" was completed in time for the '92 tourist season by a dedicated group of volunteers and tremendous support from local businesses.

A lot of people (including my wife) are wondering why those crazies in the Lanc Society would want to spend all their spare time working to preserve old airplanes. After massaging sore muscles from lifting heavy items like aircraft engines, etc., I've begun to wonder myself. However, I think I've found the answer in a recent book by John McQuarrie entitled "till We Meet Again," a picture tribute to the men and machines used by the RCAF in WWII. He states in his introduction, - "…wars have another side. Just as they bring out the worst in us, so too do they bring out our best." That comes into focus when we experience these wonderful artifacts of an era now in history, exuding courage, strength, selflessness, patriotism,. Seeing, hearing, touching and being touched by these proud historic aircraft is just the tonic we need in these complex times, to help show us who we really are!

Fortunately there are a number of organizations and individuals dedcated to preserving (and flying) these time machines.

If our Society succeeds in only passing on to upcoming generations the importance of capturing the spirit and essence of those times, then we have been successful. These items are a port of all our goals. To make sure that succeeding generations know of the part played by our artifacts and of the men and women who used them to ensure freedom. To this we remain dedicated.

Bomber Command Museum of Canada