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Another busy summer is over for the Society, but it appears like the cumin winter is going to be very busy also.

With a consultant's study (funded by outside sources) regarding the feasibility and costs associated with operating our museum in three different phases, we can now approach government and/or the corporate world for funding to complete or expand the museum. (See page three for more about this study.)

Now that the Lanc is inside, work has commenced in regard to the initial stages that will lead to restoration to its original wartime configuration. Also the Cornell has been moved into the building and is being assembled as is our 'movie prop,' the 7l8s scale Vickers Viking IV.

Your executive has decided that it is imperative that all displays be under one roof in 1992. To this end we have recently arranged to borrow $15,000 in order to complete the display wing of the new building before spring. To do this it will mean a lot of work by volunteers, but with any luck it should be operational by May '92.

We continue to co-relate with other restoration organizations ouch as the Calgary Aerospace Museum, The Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and others , with whom we share artifacts and information.

Yours truly, Calgary Chapter President Larry Wright and Rob and Patricia Pedersen attended 407 Squadron's reunion at Comox, B.C. We were treated royally by Lt. Col. Terry Chester and his personnel, This included our flying from Calgary to Comox, and back in an Aurora!

The 1992 grand opening of the new museum building will be held next July. The spring newsletter will give all the details.

Recent progress of course has a price. We can use any donations you feel capable of giving - believe me it will be made good use of!

Bomber Command Museum of Canada