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Every time I write this column, I'm amazed at the progress your society has made in the time frame between newsletters.

Phase I of the new museum building nearly finished. The Lanc is in the building, a gov't-funded study which will help determine our future development is nearly complete, the summer 1991 tourism program is underway and our Lanc expert, Milt Magee, is in Montreal as a consultant for a Lancaster movie (along with some of our turrets and artifacts).

No, it hasn't been boring the last while! Nor will the next few months as we start to place our other aircraft and artifacts in the building. We anticipate arrival of an RAF Hercules with Lanc "goodies" from Great Britain and our display is booked into several airships this number. The latter is being directed and managed by our Calgary Chapter.

Restoration work is also due to get going in earnest. The towing tractor is presently dismantled and its restoration is under way in the "loaned" shop. This is being funded with the help of a grant from the Alberta Museums Association. Restoration of the Cornell and Fleet 7c will be soon in the organizational phase.

The future will look even brighter if we can raise more funds to complete phase II of the museum. Another $1000,000 is needed to finish the floor in the main building, complete the large door, display area, and put in the heating and lighting.

Great things happen regularly confirming our beliefs what the Society is dung is worthwhile. An example happened the day the Bomber was moved into the new building. A former RAF navigator from Scotland, visited Nanton. They wondered if he might be allowed to go up in the Lanc. Of course we complied with his request. After spending some time in the Lanc reliving the past, he descended the crew ladder with tears in his eyes saying, "I haven't been in a Lancaster for 47 years. I new expected to be in one again. Thanks so much!"

Incidents like this are one of the reasons the Society continues on, ever mindful of our borrowed Pathfinders' motto, "Press On Regardless." Have a good summer... come visit your museum and view the progress made to date.