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It hardly seems possible, but here we are headed into the summer of 1990. Your Society has been extremely busy the past few months with everything from restoring the mid upper turret to manning displays at malls and fairs.

As usual the same faces are present when work is involved, but that is common to any group. We do, however, need more "active members" who will attend meetings and help on work crews. Don't be afraid to volunteer your services !

Personally I am looking forward to this summer with great enthusiasm. By the time you read this our Cornell will have been delivered to Nanton, our seven student tour guides will be hired and the museum will be open for business. Also our new Calgary Chapter will have had its third meeting and we will have attended our first airshow of the year with the portable display.

Our dreams of building a museum are closer to reality every day now. Donations are steadily adding up to the point where we are already talking of starting construction this fall.

The "event" of the summer will take place on July 27, when the Society hosts the Ian Bazalgette dedication ceremony and dinner. Many notable figures will be there, so order your tickets today and don't miss this opportunity to be part of an historic Society event. All profits from this event will go to the museum fund.

As you can see by this newsletter it is going to be an exciting year for the Nanton Lancaster Society. Don't miss out on the fun !