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Since taking over the duties of this office from the capable hands of George White, there has been a blurr of activity. Our society has been extremely busy with a variety of things, including meetings, tourist programs and the acquiring of more World War II aircraft, etc. Everyone has had to become a "jack-of-all-trades" to keep up. When one is afflicted with the vintage aircraft "bug," you discover talents that you never thought you possessed!

NLS had a very successful summer program. With the help of seven student tour guides, mor than 20,000 visitors toured the Lanc.

Most of these visitors also saw the expanded museum, with its Lanc fuel tank; tire with a wartime story; the Bazalgette VC display; the Bolingbroke display and others. There were many comments about the excellent displays we have in such a small space.

An outstanding event of this past summer was the June 26, CWH Lancaster flypast. Seeing that "old gal" fly over our own Lanc, brought tears to quite a few eyes and a lump in many a throat, including my own. This flypast has given added impetus to our own efforts.

Our friends from 408 Squadron in Edmonton always provide a thrill when they drop in with one of their helicopters. They were here again during the summer, delivering Lanc parts, etc. Our sincere thanks to Captain Bessler and his crew for their continued support!

The shop is being used again after being dormant most of the summer due to everybody's hectic holiday plans. The rebuilding of the Martin mid-upper gun turret is now nearing completion. It should be finished by the first of December and will be part of next year's museum display.

As reported elsewhere in this newsletter, we have acquired many "new" artifacts. The flying trip to Saskatchewan to view the Cornell was a thrill, especially landing there in winds gusting to 45 knots!

We now have some aircraft engineering and maintenance students from SAIT, who are interested in helping us with restoration. This could have very beneficial possibilities for all concerned.

Our biggest thrust right now is the drive to get a building to house and protect the Lanc and our other valuable BCATP artifacts. Every day the bomber stays outside adds more damage, so we are proposing a "bare bones" building to get things started toward this goal. Your help with the funding of this structure is vital to the project's success. Please help us get this venture "off the ground"!

Bomber Command Museum of Canada